Stranded: Alien Dawn Receives Preview Before Early Access Release

Haemimont Games and Frontier Foundry have released a new preview video for Stranded: Alien Dawn before the game comes to Early Access. The game will be released on Steam on October 12th, 2022, but before that, the team wanted to give you a heads-up about what to expect. Taken from a live stream a couple of days ago, the hour-long video you see down at the bottom goes over a lot of the gameplay you'll be able to experience, as well as a number of the mechanics you'll be working with. Which hopefully will prepare you for the journey ahead. Enjoy the video along with more info below about what the game has in store.

Promo art for Stranded: Alien Dawn , courtesy of Frontier Foundry.
Promo art for Stranded: Alien Dawn, courtesy of Frontier Foundry.

"Brave a new world in Stranded: Alien Dawn, a planet survival sim placing the fate of a small marooned group in your hands. Forge your story through compelling and immersive strategic gameplay as you make vital decisions to protect your survivors from starvation, disease, extreme weather, and more. From basic camps to fortified bases, create a stronghold to defend the survivors from attacks by alien creatures that roam an expansive and deadly alien world. Experience an epic and unpredictable journey.

  • Discover an expansive, living 3D world with remarkable flora and fauna.
  • Manage your survivors' needs, health and happiness.
  • Construct and evolve your own unique base, and devise cunning defenses to protect it and survivors from being attacked.
  • Plant, grow, harvest, and hunt down food. Stockpile useful resources and salvage material from fallen space debris.
  • Research technologies to expand your horizons.
  • Provide heat, light, devices for relaxation, and more to keep survivors on top of their game, ready to face the next challenge.
  • React to fluctuating weather and environmental events.
  • Learn to play with the integrated tutorial system."

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