Street Fighter V Final Character Luke Arrives This Week

Capcom has released the final Street Fighter V character that will be added to the roster, as Luke makes his way into the streets. His inclusion makes him the 45th character added to the game, making this the biggest roster of characters a Street Fighter title has ever had. (It's not all 114 characters ever made, but really, they had to stop somewhere.) As it has been said before in the past by the developers, this particular character is their way of looking toward the future of the franchise, whatever that may bring. So while this is, in effect, putting a final dot on the last chapter of this game, you're also seeing a glimpse into the future. Enjoy the trailer below as the character arrives to shake things up.

A look at Luke ready to go against anyone in Street Fighter V, courtesy of Capcom.
A look at Luke ready to go against anyone in Street Fighter V, courtesy of Capcom.

A preview of Luke's backstory was shown in the recent Fall Update, as viewers got a glimpse of the tragic event involving Luke and his father. After that fateful day, Luke swore to dedicate his life to become one of the best fighters in the world. As part of his training and his newfound discipline, Luke decides to join the military, where he meets a familiar fighter who helps him on his journey.

Luke's gameplay is very offense-focused, excelling at keeping pressure on his opponents in order to set up a variety of attack opportunities. For example, "Flash Knuckle" is a highly effective combo finisher where each punch button leads to a different forward-moving attack. Luke's distance game comes in the form of a projectile called "Sand Blaster," which allows him to shoot energy from his hands and deal with opponents at mid-to-long range. To round out his arsenal, Luke is armed with a unique V-System that fills his V-Timer as he inflicts damage, rewarding an offensive playstyle.

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