Super Punch-Out!! Two-Player Mode Discovered 28 Years Later

People are still finding the weirdest additions to video games they never knew existed, as is the case with Super Punch-Out!! this week. Released back in the Fall of 1994 as the sequel to the original NES version of Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!, the game returned to the arcade style it was founded on back in the '80s and became one of the must-play titles of the SNES. To this day, it remains a classic that people are continually setting new speedrun records for, and even destroying the game's mechanics by doing it blindfolded. (If you really wanna see something amazing, go watch Zallard1 at SGDQ 2018 beat both games at the same time.) But in that entire time that people have been playing it and running it, there's been two secret codes in the game that no one found until recently.

Super Punch-Out!! Two-Player Mode Discovered 28 Years Later
Credit: Nintendo

The codes were found by CaH4e3, which other websites have discovered is the mind behind the Unlisted Cheats account on Twitter, as they were apparently doing some request work using the title and discovered some options inside the coding. The two new options are for a previously hidden menu which also leads to a two-player mode, and the only requirement is that you have a second controller to run it. The way it works is that at the Press Start screen, plug in the second controller and then use it to hold the R and Y buttons together, followed by pressing Start or A on the first controller. This opens up a menu that will allow you to skip the standard run of the game and select any opponent you want from the entire game for an immediate match. So if you're a speedrunner and you want to practice, you now have a menu to do so. Once the match is over, you go back to this new menu to select a new match.

However, if you really wanna have fun with a friend, all you need to do is have a second player hold the B and Y buttons down on the second controller on this new menu until the match starts. There's no indicator to let you know it worked, but if done correctly, player two will now be in control of the boxer you chose Little Mac to face off against, while player one will still be the main character at the bottom. Depending on who you chose, you'll have to figure out their moveset. But essentially, it's a combination of one of the ABXY buttons paired with up or down on the D-Pad, as you'll have access to every character's basic and advanced attacks. You can see a video of it being demonstrated below with Gabby Jay swaying side to side, which he doesn't do in the game. This video also serves as a reminder that Super Punch-Out!! is currently part of the SNES library for Nintendo Switch Online, and the code works there as well.

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