Dungeons & Dragons Introduces a New Scary Foe in The Oblex

We're slowly approaching the general release of Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes, and today the crew at Dungeons & Dragons have introduced fans to a brand-new enemy that will make your skin crawl in the form of the Oblex. The new foe comes at the hands of a young boy named Nolan White from the Make-A-Wish foundation who wanted to work with the D&D crew for a day at Wizards of the Coast. Below is a brief description as well as the full video introduction to the Oblex from Dungeons & Dragons Lead Designer Jeremy Crawford.

credit//Wizards of the Coast

They manipulate oozes to create these creatures, the Oblex, that can absorb the memories of other beings and not just the thoughts. Once they've absorbed those memories from someone, they can then create a duplicate of that person tethered to a essentially this umbilical cord of ooze behind them. An adult or Elder Oblex can actually carry within itself basically the memories of a host of people and cause versions of those people to pop up. I'm imagining once a group encounters several of these people formed by an Oblex, they're going to start having paranoia in future campaigns and often want to look behind NPCs they're talking to to see is there sort of a slimy umbilical cord attached to them in back to see if they're actually a Oblex.

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