Team GO Rocket Invasion Takes Over Pokémon GO Sunday Morning

As we reported earlier this week, Niantic is planning a Team GO Rocket invasion in Pokémon GO this Sunday from 11AM – 2PM local time. As of writing this, the event has already started in some places around the world and, as per usual, New Zealand players have reported details of the event to the Pokémon GO community. Based on these reports now popping up across the world, here's what Pokémon trainers can expect for this Team GO Rocket invasion, and how they can maximize on the event. Also, read on for updates on earlier reports of new Shiny Shadow Pokémon.

Team GO Rocket Takeover promo art. Credit: Pokémon Go's Twitter.
Team GO Rocket Takeover promo art. Credit: Pokémon GO's Twitter.

Every Pokéstop will be taken over by Team GO Rocket

Players will have no trouble finding Team GO Rocket grunts to battle during the event window. Every Pokéstop will be turned to a Rocket Stop for the duration of the event. If you see a stop that has not been turned black, this is a stop that includes an encounter with a Team GO Rocket leader or Giovanni, which can only be seen once a Rocket Radar or Super Rocket Radar is activated.

Team GO Rocket balloons will arrive in Pokémon GO every twenty minutes

For those playing the Pokémon GO event at home, or even players on the go hoping for encounters with Jesse and James, the frequency of Team GO Rocket balloons drifting onto your screen has been increased. Instead of the normal six-hour interval, or the boosted three-hour interval during the current battle event, the Team GO Rocket Takeover will feature balloons arriving every twenty minutes. Balloons are currently the only way to encounter Jessie and James, so look out for those Meowth balloons if you're hunting Shiny Shadow Ekans or Koffing.

Don't forget to TM away "Frustration" from your Shadow Pokémon

Normally, it is impossible to remove the charged attack of Frustration from Shadow Pokémon, which essentially renders the Pokémon useless. This three-hour event will allow the move to be removed and the Pokémon's standard move to be restored. Shadow Pokémon have a twenty-percent attack boost and are very useful in raids, so be sure to TM Frustration away from all your best Shadow Pokémon.

Team GO Rocket leaders have new Shiny Shadow Pokémon

Early sightings of Shiny Shadow Lapras from a Team GO Rocket grunt hinted at this eventuality. Lapras has officially become Leader Sierra's Pokémon, and can be obtained from her through battle. The other Team GO Rocket Leaders, Cliff and Arlo, have been updated to respectively lead to encounters with shiny potential Shadow Pokémon Grimer and Pineco. With the amount of Rocket Stops and Rocket Balloon encounters during the event window, along with an in-shop box that offers four Rocket Radars, this is a great time to take advantage of the chance to face the three Leaders and hunt for their Shiny Shadow Pokémon.

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