Telltale Games Pulls The Walking Dead: The Final Season From Sales

Public backlash to horrible business choices can make a company do funny things, as we're learning tonight from Telltale Games. The company has apparently pulled their last title, The Walking Dead: The Final Season from digital sales shelves. As we speak, you currently cannot purchase the game from any online outlet. Xbox Live has removed the purchase option, the PlayStation Store has completely removed the game from existence, Steam has made it so the only thing you can download is the demo, and GOG has paused downloading and posted a note that reads "Telltale has requested a temporary pause of sales of The Walking Dead – Final Season. For all up to date Telltale news, please refer to their official Twitter page." Which, of course, there is no notice posted as to why this was done.

Walking Dead
credit//Telltale Games

If you believe the rumor mill this evening on social media, the move was supposedly done because the company was receiving so much backlash from announcing they were talking to partnered companies to finish the game, as opposed to allowing their employees to finish the game before laying everyone off. Whether or not that's true is up to you to decide, but what can be seen on Steam is that the ratings for the game went down the tube and have been mostly negative since September 21st.

If we had to place money on the situation, we're guessing the game will not return to being sold unless what's left of Telltale finishes all the chapters and releases it as a complete game. But even that's a stretch at this point.

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