The Call Of Duty: Mobile Team Offer Tips & Tricks For The Season

As we're currently sitting in full swing of the second season of Call Of Duty: Mobile, the team at Activision would like to offer a few tips. The team recently hit us up to drop some knowledge out there for players to pick up, which will hopefully help you out as they continue the season. We got a top 10 list for you below to read, which has some pretty good tips to check out. But it's all up to you and what you decide to do with this knowledge. If everything's working out for you, awesome. If not, maybe some of this can help.

A little bit of advice from the Call Of Duty: Mobile team, courtesy of Tencent Games.
A little bit of advice from the Call Of Duty: Mobile team, courtesy of Tencent Games.

10: Switch up your loadout as needed, whether it's to a close-quarters setup for breaching a contested point, a long-range kit for defense and overwatch, or even a support loadout focused on taking out enemy equipment and Scorestreaks.

9: Don't be too rigid in thinking of the map's three-lane structure. While it's a helpful way to initially learn the layout, the best players will move up and down across the lanes as often as through them.

8: While Shoot House might seem geared toward close-quarters combat, there are more than enough long sightlines for the savvy sharpshooter. Use high ground when able and search for those angles that offer clear shots between cover points.

7: Need ideas for an Operator Skill? Get crazy in close quarters with the Equalizer or Death Machine, or try the Sparrow or Tempest for long shots from the office or down the lanes.

6: Grenades can do wonders here, especially in pitched fights when teams are dug in behind cover. Use your grenades liberally to perfect lob distances all over the map.

5: Fall back to your team's gate spawn if you need to call in a Care Package or even just for a safe spot from which to take down enemy aerial streaks with a launcher.

4: Need to cross the center lane? Make it fast. The longer you're exposed there, the more likely you are to get taken out by precision fire from either end.

3: If you're getting pummeled from the skies, make sure to always have a backup class with Cold-Blooded equipped for extra protection against AI-controlled Scorestreaks in dire situations.

2: Communicate with your team. Call out enemy positions, share your attack plans, and coordinate for a more precise overall strategy that's sure to lead to many victory screens.

1: Enjoy! Shoot House is a great map that only gets better with repeated plays. Dig in, whether you're heading in as a Shoot House vet or deploying here for the first time.

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