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The Callisto Protocol Releases New Challenging Riot Mode

If you didn't think The Callisto Protocol was hard enough, Krafton has a new update out for the game with the blisteringly tough Riot Mode.

Krafton released an all-new update this past week for The Callisto Protocol, as players can take on an entirely new challenge in Riot Mode. Just in case you didn't think the main game wasn't hard enough, now you have a mode that forces you to fight out of a corner against swarms of infected prisoners, trying to get the highest score possible before you eventually get overwhelmed and killed. The mode comes as part of a new pack with additional content added all around. We got more info on those additions below.

The Callisto Protocol Releases New Challenging Riot Mode
Credit: Krafton Inc.

The Callisto Protocol: Riot Mode

"Jacob Lee finds himself in an isolated corner of the prison, just three rooms and connecting hallways that contain loot crates full of health gel packs, health injectors, GRP batteries, and ammunition. Armed with the stun baton, GRP, a hand cannon, and a riot gun to start, Jacob must defend himself from endless waves of biophage enemies who vary in strength and composition. The longer he survives the more he will be hunted, with increasingly vicious foes, such as the Two-Head, appearing over time. Unique to Riot is Rampage Mode, a new gameplay modifier that players can activate by scoring points and filling up a meter. Rampage Mode grants a short period of infinite ammo and GRP charges, and enemies will die from a single attack."

Riot Mode's Scoring System

"Success in Riot Mode is measured through a scoring system that awards points for kills based on the weapon used, enemy limbs severed, and types of enemies defeated. At the end of every Riot Mode run, players are given a final score that they can compare against other players. Success in Riot Mode also awards medals based on how long you survive and how many points you earn. Riot Mode is on all platforms (PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC) as part of the Riot Bundle, which also includes eleven new enemy death animations and The Prospector Skin Collection. You can get your hands on the Riot Bundle as part of The Callisto Protocol's Digital Deluxe Edition, Season Pass, or purchase it separately."

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