The Dauntless Dark Harvest Event Returns On October 26th

Another Halloween event is about to kick off in another game as Dauntless revealed they are bringing back the Dark Harvest event. As it was last year, you'll be heading into the dark of night against many a foe in the new Unseen lore nodes in Ramsgate. There you'll have a chance to compete in challenges, take part in a limited-time hunt, and more activities to get special items in the game. The event will start on Monday, October 26th, and run all the way to October 30th. You can read more about it below with some screenshots, and we have the finer details here.

Best of luck against this in the Dark Harvest event, courtesy of Phoenix Labs.
Best of luck against this in the Dark Harvest event, courtesy of Phoenix Labs.

Each day in Dauntless from October 26 to October 30, you can track down a new Unseen lore node in Ramsgate that'll offer clues leading to the location of their portals. You can also find one Shrowd effigy on each island you visit. Interacting with these Unseen creations offers a chance to earn Harvest Coins, a limited-time currency used to purchase special Dark Harvest items. Shrowd effigies can also drop curiosities, a new equippable item type. Beware, though: These effigies have a chance to conjure something far more lethal when you least expect it. In addition to collecting Harvest coins, entering a portal gives you and your entire party a 10% damage increase. You can enter a portal once per hunt.

This year's Dark Harvest introduces a limited-time event hunt that will put your skills to the test in more ways than one. The Unseen have yet to complete their darkest ritual, and it's up to you to stop them … if you can. Beginning Thursday, October 29, speak to Kat, open the Hunt Map, and select Events to see both Unseen Rituals hunts. Your rewards will depend on your performance and the difficulty level you choose. You can take on this challenge as many times as you like to reap all the treats—and possibly uncover a hidden reward.

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