The Full Art Trainer Cards Of Pokémon TCG: Darkness Ablaze

Before the Sword & Shield: Vivid Voltage expansion sent Pokémon TCG collectors on a mad hunt for the Rainbow Rare Chonkachu, the previous expansion, Darkness Ablaze, lit the Pokémon card community on fire with its offerings. Before Vivid Voltage, this was seen as the best Sword & Shield expansion, and for good reason. Let's take a look at the stunning Full Art Trainer cards featured in this Pokémon TCG expansion, which are classified as Ultra Rares.

The Full Art Trainer Cards of Darkness Ablaze. Credit: Pokémon TCG
The Full Art Trainer Cards of Darkness Ablaze. Credit: Pokémon TCG
  • Kabu Full Art Trainer Supporter: Kabu was introduced in the Pokémon Sword & Shield games as the Gym Leader of the Motostoke Stadium gym in Galar, where he focuses on Fire-type Pokémon. Quite appropriate for Darkness Ablaze, which features both Dark- and Fire-type Pokémon heavily.
  • Piers Full Art Trainer Supporter: One of the more popular Gym Leaders in the Galar region among Pokémon fans, Piers was the leader of Spikemuth as well as the captain of Team Yell, a fan-club obsessed with his sister, and the even more popular Trainer Supporter, Marie. In the game, Piers steps down and gives his Gym to Marie, so both are known as Spikemuth leaders. Both also specialize in Dark-type Pokémon.
  • Pokémon Breeder's Nurturing Full Art Trainer Supporter: This one doesn't feature a Gym Leader but rather a trainer class, like "Lass," that was introduced in the main series games. This is my personal favorite of the Full Arts due to the very happy vibe of the card… and Yamper just looks delighted here, and that joy is infectious.
  • Rose Full Art Trainer Supporter: If you're into all that silver fox action, this may be a coveted pull for you, as Rose looks as if he's posing for his OKCupid profile pic here. In the games, Rose is the chairman of the Galar Pokémon League and a sponsor of Bede, a young trainer vying to be the region's champion.

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