The King Of Fighters XV Drops Team G.A.W. Story

SNK has slowly been revealing more about the story behind the teams of The King Of Fighters XV, with the latest one featuring Team G.A.W. Each of these stories is set to give a little bit of insight into what's happened between games and a bit of the motivation to everyone you see on the team. This one is a bit of a cluster for G.A.W. but a fun cluster. You can read part of the story below and check out the full rundown here.

The King Of Fighters XV Drops Team G.A.W. Story
Credit: SNK

A bone-chilling gust of wind blows through an empty, desolate backstreet somewhere in Moscow, the only light far away in the twinkling stars. Two men walk closely side by side. One is middle-aged, rather slender for his years; the other, large and brawny, appearing almost bear-like in the dark. Neither is carrying much: just the clothes on their backs. Newspaper pages blow past them before being pressed against the wall. The two men idly glance at the pages. KOF Stadium Collapse Planned?! Organizers Face Extreme Accusations! An internal report places the sole blame on its managing director Antonov! Questions have also been raised about his past achievements… Antonov resigns! The Antonov Corporation's board of directors consider its next CEO… The words send a shiver down the men's spines. The larger of the two slams his fist into the wall, jolting the papers loose and sending them fleeing down the road.



The larger man bellows, causing the smaller one to abruptly pull back the hand he offered.

"A setup?! How in the― They know damn well I'd never do something so cold!"

Defeated, he slumps to his knees. This man is none other than Antonov, the former owner of Antonov Corporation, whose name, through no fault of his own, is on all the gossipers' tongues. When he held the King of Fighters tournament, a fearsome monster appeared and laid waste to the stadium he had spent untold millions on. Even so, the fight to the death between the champion and the monster generated huge ratings, and despite the tournament's many setbacks, Antonov still considered it a massive success… That is, until people online began suggesting he had set everything up. These baseless rumors spread like wildfire, growing practically overnight into an unstoppable inferno set on engulfing Antonov.

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