The Market has Never Seen a Mid-Generation Turnaround Like Xbox One's Says NPD Analyst

An NPD analyst has said in a report that the Xbox One, and in particular the Xbox One X is performing phenomenally and that there has never been a mid-generation turnaround quite like it.

Xbox One X

This generation has been dominated by the PlayStation 4. That is not news to anyone. Since the word go, the PlayStation 4 has flown past the Xbox One in terms of sales. This isn't surprising either as the reveal of the Xbox One was famously disastrous which still lingers over the console to this day. Still, the platform, despite trailing in sales reformed its model with first party games on PC, a library service in Xbox Game Pass while also pushing for cross-play across consoles.

It seems this restructure is having a positive effect too. According to a sales analyst for the NPD (via WindowsCentral), the Xbox One is seeing a turnaround unlike any seen before in a console generation. In a tweet conversation, analyst Mat Piscatella said that the console, with a big hand from the Xbox One X, is seeing phenomenal sales and unprecedented growth. Piscatella said:

In another tweet, he went on to say:

This is encouraging news. While we still have no concrete numbers here, NPD is one of the, if not the most respected market analysts when it comes to games. The real question is what does this mean for the expected new generation? Competition is healthy for everyone, and Xbox with a clean slate, building on their new policies could be a huge market player next time around.