The Next Pokémon GO Community Day… Leaked?

We may still be in the midst of Gastly's day, but that doesn't mean we can't look toward the future of Pokémon Go Community Day. A while back, the dataminers over at Silph Road discovered a voting system within the code. This was pre-COVID, at a time when Niantic had introduced a system of voting where trainers would spin Pokéstops and complete special tasks in order to cast votes for the Pokémon they wanted for the next Community Day. Due to the pandemic, the voting has since switched to Twitter, but attentive players will realize that the vote for these past two Community Days matched the previous leak. Niantic has yet to confirm this, but considering the leak predicted both the Weedle and Gastly days. It is a good bet that one of these eight potential spawns, including the rare Generation One favorite, Porygon, will be the highlight of four upcoming Pokémon GO Community Day events. Here are the possible choices, our predictions, and what they can bring to the game.

Pokémon GO Community Day datamine graphic. Credit: The Silph Road Pokéminers.
Pokémon GO Community Day datamine graphic. Credit: The Silph Road Pokéminers.

In this graphic, please note that the methods of voting and the dates have changed since lockdown, with the April/May choices shifting to June/July. Further changes are possible.

Porygon's shiny line. Credit:
Porygon's shiny line. Credit:

August & September: Porygon, Charmander, Grimer, Caterpie

With the Weedle and Gastly votes, Niantic gave the top two winners their Community Day. This month seems like a cut and dry win for two of these spawns:

  • Porygon: Porygon will win the vote for this simple reason: Shiny Porygon is both highly coveted and not yet released in the game. Pokémon GO Community Day, until today's Gastly event, was known for introducing the shiny variant of a Pokémon every time, creating a great deal of hype for dedicated and casual players alike. Shiny Porygon, a beautiful purple, and pink turns the already rare spawn into a highly desired catch.
  • Charmander: Second place will likely go to Charmander because of sheer popularity. Charmander has already had its own Community Day, making this an unpopular choice with longtime players, as seen when Squirtle was considered in the June and July votes. However, with that day more than two years in the past and Shiny Charizard still one of the most sought-after Pokémon in the game, a second-place slot seems inevitable for the fire-breathing starter. Besides, with Mega Evolution coming, perhaps even hardcore players may want to stock up on Charmander candy, as Charizard will Mega Evolve into two different forms.
  • Grimer: Grimer already has a shiny released, but it is a relatively uncommon spawn. While it likely won't rank in the voting system, it is s great in the GO Battle League. A potential Grimer Community Day would also include Alolan Grimer. However, the desirability for that may drop since it will be a featured spawn at GO Fest 2020 before its Community Day could happen.
  • Caterpie: This Pokémon's line has great shiny variants, but unfortunately, it is a common spawn that has been featured heavily in many events. Outside of the possibility that Niantic will give it a game-changing Community Day move, Caterpie looks like it'll come in last.

October & November: Starly, Magikarp, Bulbasaur, Exeggcute

Now we're starting to look far ahead, but here's our breakdown of these four autumn potential Pokémon GO Community Day choices:

  • Starly: Though less of a shoo-in than Porygon, Starly is the only Pokémon among the four options that haven't yet had its shiny released in-game. In addition to that, it is a powerful flying-type that would potentially receive a buff though a Community Day move.
  • Magikarp: With Mega Evolution promised by Niantic in 2020, it is likely that the mechanic will have rolled out by the time these Community Days will be happening. Magikarp's evolution Gyrados receives a Mega that turns it from a water and flying-type to a water and dark-type, which will likely earn it the second spot.
  • Bulbasaur: If Squirtle couldn't win its Community Day poll, it doesn't seem that Bulbasaur will be able to either. The competition isn't exactly stiff, though, so only time will tell.
  • Exeggcute: This incredibly common Pokémon has been featured prominently in two events this year after it was released in its shiny form. Of the eight total choices, Exeggcute seems least likely to rank.

While all of this is subject to change, Niantic has already put three months' worth of Pokémon GO Community Days in their players' hands. Unless their plans have changed dramatically, it appears that they will continue to do just that… so prepare yourselves for Porygon.

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