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The Quick Catch Method In Pokémon GO Explained

Pokémon GO is a game that rewards players for grinding hard and catching as many spawns as possible. One thing that can add up and get in the way of catching more Pokémon, though, is the catch animation. After throwing the PokéBall, it will trap the Pokémon and, slowly, shake one… two… three times before alerting the reader that the Pokémon has been caught, at which point it cuts to the new catch's page. At its absolute fastest, it's a fourteen-second animation, which seems quick, but adds up when you're spending hours catching hundreds of spawns. There is a mechanic in the game that allows trainers to skip this animation, cutting the process down to less than two seconds after throwing the ball. It's called the Quick Catch method, and this is how it's done.

The Quick Catch Method in Pokémon GO Explained. Credit: Niantic
The Quick Catch Method in Pokémon GO Explained. Credit: Niantic

To employ the Quick Catch Method, give the Pokémon you're catching your berry of choice (or no berry) and select your ball. You'll need two hands for this next part. With one hand, touch the berry option, holding it down… and sliding it slightly to the right, toward the Pokéball. If you've opened up the berry menu, you've tapped instead of sliding. You want a gentle slide, and then hold it there, as if you're holding the button itself slightly to the side. Then, with your other hand, throw the ball. You'll notice that there's something unusual toward the top of the screen. The "Run" option is still there. As soon as the ball hits the Pokémon, tun from the Pokémon, and you will be returned to the standard map. Check your Pokémon storage: if that ball was going to catch the Pokémon, it will be there, as your most recent catch. If it's not there, click it on the map, Quick Catch again, and it'll still be quicker than waiting for the animation.

This essentially exploits a minor glitch that makes the "run" button fail to disappear. It's a near little trick that can save, over the course of a full day's gameplay, valuable time. It's a bit tricky to master, but getting the feel for it over time can change how you play day-to-day, and certainly on events with increased spawns such as Spotlight Hour.

The Quick Catch method isn't for every Pokémon, though. If there's a Shiny Pokémon or a spawn you want to make sure you catch, wait out the animation. It's not worth risking the chance that it'll run to save the time if it's a Pokémon you want to add to your team. For spawns that you're grinding for dust, though… Quick Catch your heart out.

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