The Walking Dead Onslaught Gets A New Gameplay Explanation Video

This week, Survios released a new video where the company goes over some of the gameplay for The Walking Dead Onslaught. Along with a post from the PlayStation Blog, you basically get a guided tour of how the game will work out as you switch between Rick and Daryl in this VR experience to help keep the folks of Alexandria safe. Which includes rebuilding thew town and creating your dream arsenal of zombie-killing weapons. You can check out the video below and we have a snippet from the blog talking about what you're seeing.

Rick and Daryl, saving people again The Walking Dead Onslaught, courtesy of Survios.
Rick and Daryl, saving people again The Walking Dead Onslaught, courtesy of Survios.

We knew it was important to represent Alexandria in a way that was authentic to the show while adding a layer of interactivity that allows players to lead the efforts to rebuild the community. The player will be at the heart of Alexandria as their decisions and actions help evolve it into a place for new survivors to call home. Players will venture out to collect resources for Alexandria, bringing back food and fuel that will support scouting parties and new survivors. As the community grows, players will receive letters and requisition requests from their survivors that send them out to find specific items and provide big bonuses for Alexandria. Players have full agency over how they want to progress the community — crafting materials they've earned can be used to upgrade weapons in the Armory or build entirely new structures in Alexandria that can enhance your gameplay experience.

One of our favorite spots in Alexandria is the Armory, which houses all of the weapons players will discover outside Alexandria. Here, players can explore and experiment with The Walking Dead Onslaught's robust weapon upgrade system. From Rick's revolver to the Kingdom's powerful battle axes, each weapon has multiple unique upgrades to mix and match — of course, players will need to save up enough materials to craft the upgrades first.

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