There's a Kickstarter Funding a SEGA Arcade Pop-Up Book

We rarely report on anything Kickstarter related, but this one deserves a slight nod for the content they're showing off from SEGA. This particular project is kind of awesome as they are pitching a coffee table book that will document the history of Sega's entire line of classic arcade games throughout the years, and show off the machines by creating a pop-up book version of them within the page descriptions. Here is a quick example of what they intend to do with a lovely representation of the 1985 cabinet for Space Harrier.

There's a Kickstarter Funding a SEGA Arcade Pop-Up Book
credit//Darren Wall via Kickstarter

As of when we're writing this, the Kickstarter has earned about $39k of a $53k goal with over three weeks left to go, so we're pretty confident that they'll make their money to publish and then some. The real question that is going to be on our minds is whether or not the book will get approval from Sega themselves. Even though having a book called SEGA Arcade: Pop-Up History would be lovely to have on our shelves, there is a notice at the bottom that says "All designs shown are not final and are subject to approval by SEGA", which is why we're still hesitant about writing this up if it doesn't come to fruition. We'll see if the company gets approval a few months from now.

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