There's Now An 'Overwatch' Themed Church Dedicated To Hanzo In Brazil

Step into the dojo, indeed! Down in Brazil, a church has been dedicated to the Overwatch character Hanzo, and no, it is not a joke. Well… actually, it is a joke! But the fact that it exists and is certified isn't. Brazillian publication Adrenaline is reporting that a group has officially been certified as the Hanzo National Church, primarily because he resembles Jesus.

There's Now An 'Overwatch' Themed Church Dedicated To Hanzo In Brazil

The main guy behind it applied to see how easily he could get away with it since the country has over 67,000 churches due to the laws and regulations. Why so many? Because tax exemption is automatic if you have a certified church in Brazil. So it isn't so much the fact that he applied, but the fact that he succeeded is the amazing part!

There are some great Overwatch practices in here that not only make us laugh but wonder why there aren't more Overwatch themed churches popping up in Brazil. For example, the term "Hanzo Main" is considered offensive by church members. People can also request a "Free Tuesday" each month, allowing them to play Overwatch all day long with their intake of junk food being encouraged. Members are baptized by playing Overwatch, which makes us wonder what happens if you lose during the baptism. And, something Blizzard will probably take issue with, the church is selling Hanzo painted merch (tax free).

I would love to see if any YouTube or Twitch streamer takes a pilgrimage to the church to see what it's all about. That is, if the church isn't attacked in a holy war by the Temple Of Pharah or the Ministry of Lucio.

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