Time Master Will Be Released Sometime In Early 2022

Indie developer and publisher MorpheusZ Games announced that they are planning to release the platformer Time Master in early 2022. The game is a charming fantasy platformer in which a wizard has accidentally poofed his sister somewhere and now must muster up the courage to find her by using the powers that poofed her in the first place. While we're waiting for the game to get a proper release date, the developers have given you a chance to check out the game for free as they have loaded up a free demo on Steam for anyone to download and play a few levels. Just click the link above to head to the Steam page and check it out.

Can you find your sister after you zapped her away? Courtesy of MorpheusZ Games.
Can you find your sister after you zapped her away? Courtesy of MorpheusZ Games.

Time Master isn't your run-of-the-mill go-it-alone type of puzzle platformer. Zeno being the adept wizard that he is, will be collaborating with his past self throughout every challenge. Players will need to coordinate between Zeno's past and present selves in order to overcome each puzzle's obstacles.

After the disappearance of his sister Sophia (which may or may not have been his fault), talented wizard Zeno vows to never take up his wizard's staff again. That is until a mysterious voice promises that Zeno could get his sister back… he only needs to take on a challenge created by the Ancients. Reluctant to take up his wizard's staff again after making his sister go poof from the material realm, Zeno has decided to heed the advice of a mysterious voice (not suspicious at all, right?). The voice tells him that to set things right, he'll have to make it through a series of trials created by the Ancients. Players will guide Zeno through a wide variety of tightly timed puzzles where they'll flex their skills of strategy and dexterity.

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