Total War: Warhammer's Norsca Race Is An Early Adopter Bonus For Warhammer II

Total War: Warhammer's Norsca Race Is An Early Adopter Bonus For Warhammer II

Creative Assembly today announced that the barbaric Norscans will be the latest playable Race added to Total War: Warhammer. Anyone pre-ordering Total War: Warhammer II through a SEGA approved retailer before release or buying in the first week on sale will receive the Norsca Race Pack for Total War: WARHAMMER, be free of charge.

The Norsca Race Pack will be playable in the first part of the trilogy from August 10th, ahead of Total War: Warhammer II's release on September 28th.

In the frozen Norsca peninsula far to the north, barbaric tribes serve the dark gods through hunting and pillaging. Hardened by relentless blizzards and the monstrous beasts of this bitter wilderness, the Norscans exist only to lay waste.

This DLC introduces two new playable factions, led by unique Legendary Lords. Players can embark on monster hunt quests, command ferocious units including War Mammoths and Skin Wolves, and construct towering monoliths to court favor with the dark gods.

For more details on the content of the Norsca Race Pack and early adoption, you can check out the Total War: Warhammer II page on Steam.

Shortly after the launch of Total War: Warhammer II, a gigantic update will be made available to owners of both games, for free. A new combined campaign map will enable players to conquer both the Old World and the New as any Race from both base games and any owned DLC Races. After its release, this will be further updated to include Norsca. So if you get the Norsca in Total War: Warhammer, they'll be playable in Total War: Warhammer II, which is a pretty solid bonus as far as pre-order bonuses go. Whether or not you pre-order is going to mostly be down to your own interest, but pre-orders usually work out better for the publishers than for anyone else. That said, you may want to put up with the inevitable Day One bugs just to have an extra playable race and make all the other kids look bad.

Total War: Warhammer II releases on September 28th this year and is available for pre-order now through Steam.

Alongside the digital edition, an extremely rare Serpent God collector's edition for Total War: Warhammer II is also available for pre-order. More information can be found here.

*Norsca Race Pack is available from SEGA approved retailers only; please check in-store for physical retailers or here for an exhaustive list of digital retailers and more details as to what constitutes a SEGA approved retailer.

You can watch the Norsca in action below.

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