Major Trade Finalized in Overwatch League Before Stage Three Starts

Before Stage Three kicks off tomorrow in the Overwatch League, a pair of teams have finalized a trade that on the surface may not look like much, but it could be a game changer for everyone involved. The Dallas Fuel and Los Angeles Valiant, two teams that have been having their own set of ups and downs in the league, announced a trade was made today between support players Scott "Custa" Kennedy and Benjamin "uNKOE" Chevasson. The news came down from the league yesterday on their website, along with a couple of quotes from the teams which we've posted below along with the official "welcome" videos.

No specific reason was given for the trade, but breaking it down to usage, you're trading an Ana/Zenyatta/Sombra player for an Ana/Zenyatta/Moira player. Aside one being more on the DPS side than the other, they still primarily main healers. That could be the change of pace both teams need to score better winning records in the next stage.

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"uNKOE is a mechanically gifted support player that will bring key strengths and motivation to our team," said Dallas Fuel head coach Kyle Souder (@KyKy). "His history of success and skill set have long been respected by this entire team and will help us push forward this season and in the future."

"Valiant is getting an extremely dedicated and mature player in Custa," said Mat Taylor, general manager of the Dallas Fuel. "We love Scott, and it was a tough decision to part with him. Ultimately, this trade is a win-win for both our organizations and a fresh start both players embrace."

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