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Transient: Extended Edition Will Be Released December 8th

Iceberg Interactive and Stormling Studios announced they will be releasing Transient: Extended Edition for PC and consoles on December 8th. The game is technically already out on PC, however, owners will be able to get a free update to bring their version up to this current one, while those on Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch will simply get this new version right from the start. The big things that make this version different are 4K resolution, HDR support, additional achievements, multiple saves, and enhanced controller and force-feedback support. You can check it all out in action in the trailer we have for you here.

Transient: Extended Edition Will Be Released December 8th
Credit: Iceberg Interactive

In the distant, post-apocalyptic future, what is left of mankind lives in an enclosed citadel created to survive the harsh outside environment. Delve deep into this dystopian world and investigate what is happening to you and your friends. Solve puzzles, hack systems and plug in to explore other dimensions. Discover a truth that might tear apart your sanity and question your very existence. Experience a never-before seen blend between H.P. Lovecraft's cosmic existentialism and a grim, dystopian cyberpunk setting. Transient adapts and expands upon seminal pieces of both genres to ensure that your experience is both familiar and fresh at the same time.

From the forgotten wastes of Kor Shehr to the mean streets of Providence, Transient is filled to the brim with unforgettable locations to traverse. Explore reality, your own dreams, and the virtual world to meet a diverse cast of friends, foes, and beings in between. Combining a swath of beautiful environments with a haunting original soundtrack creates an immersive experience. You assume the role of Randolph Carter, a man equipped (read: augmented) for the job. Use your advanced perception heightening implant, PHI, to investigate your surroundings, scan for clues, and hack your way past barriers preventing you from uncovering the truth.

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