Twitch Adds New Predictions Feature For Chat Interaction

In the middle of Twitch having one of the worst weeks ever dealing with ridiculous DMCA's, they introduced a new feature. The company revealed Predictions will now be added to the list of features that Partnered streamers can use to have some fun with their audience. it works a little like polls do now, only with the caveat that you're using channel points (which are free and you earn by watching your favorite streamers) to place a sort of bet on a question they ask of chat. Like who will win in a game of Fall Guys. If you get the prediction right, you get a portion of the total wagered viewer points. Here are some details of how the new system will work for those who use it.

Now you can guess with chat who is going to win at something on Twitch, but with a poll.
Now you can guess with chat who is going to win at something on Twitch, but with a poll.

You set an event and its possible outcomes, and viewers use Channel Points to predict the one they think will be the end result. Viewers who guess correctly will win a proportionate share of Channel Points from the total pool. We built this product in response to your feedback: You want fun and easy ways to engage your community and make participating in your channel even more awesome. Viewers want new ways to use their hard-earned Channel Points to interact with your stream and join the action. The success of Polls and related third-party extensions show popular demand for this type of tool, so we're proud to offer Predictions as yet another superpower for creators like you to build community and level up the viewing experience.

Creators and mods included in the soft launch can now use the chat command /prediction or go to your stream manager and add the "Manage Predictions" quick action. You can then enter details on the prediction you want to run and the two outcomes possible. Once the information is complete, you are ready to start your prediction. You can manage your prediction from the dashboard. To complete your prediction, select End Submissions and choose an outcome. All Channel Points will then be granted to the winning viewers.

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