Ubisoft Releases Anno 1800's The High Life DLC Today

Anno 1800 just got a brand new DLC pack today from Ubisoft as the developers have released The High Life into the game. This particular DLC takes you to what we would assume is near or at the end of the Victorian era they promote within the game, as we're getting to a point where skyscrapers have started making their way into the world. Granted, they're not the massive buildings we see today, but back in that era, 10-20 stories was a major deal. We have some screenshots and a trailer for you here with more info, but if you want to go in-depth about skyscrapers, you can read their dev blog here.

Look at that tower, son. A marvel of engineering! Courtesy of Ubisoft.
Look at that tower, son. A marvel of engineering! Courtesy of Ubisoft.

A thriving population needs plenty of residences – and there is no better way to maximize space in your city than to build upwards with skyscrapers. The High Life's skyscrapers are available for the Investor and Engineers citizens and can be upgraded up to five levels (or three for Engineers), with each level increasing the height, maximum population, and number of resident needs. Players can build upwards for the first time in Anno 1800, taking advantage of a modular system that offers many combinations to customize their buildings. The High Life also introduces an enormous new monument, The Skyline Tower, inspired by some of the world's most famous skyscrapers.

While building and upgrading skyscrapers in Anno 1800, players need to keep the Panorama Effect in mind, which gives a boost to the building's maximum number of residents, reduces maintenance costs, and provides bonus residents – as long as the skyscraper in question is not surrounded by other skyscrapers of the same height or higher. In addition, a free Game Update will be available alongside The High Life focusing on Quality-of-Life improvements, a new high score screen and a multi-downgrade tool to plan the cities more effectively.

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