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Ubisoft Reveals The Next "Anno 1800" DLC Called "Seat Of Power"

Ubisoft revealed the first DLC for Anno 1800 now that Season 2 has kicked off, bringing you closer to domination over a city with Seat Of Power. Aside from the idea that this free update will let you build much more lavish buildings that will make people think you're French royalty, you'll also gain power […]

Unisoft Announces The Season 2 Pass For "Anno 1800"

Unisoft Announces The Season 2 Pass For "Anno 1800"

Ubisoft announced today that Anno 1800 will be getting a Season 2 Pass with a ton of content that will make your old-timey village both awesome and scary. Players will get things like having a seat of power in the community they make, as well as traveling to a southern continent containing lions. What's more, […]

"Anno 1800" Will Put You In The Snow With "The Passage" Update

You'll have to deal with the cold and the snow in the latest update from Ubisoft for Anno 1800, as The Passage drops into the game on Wednesday. The third DLC will drop on Wednesday, December 11th, bringing with it a new co-op mode allowing up to four factions and 16 players, a new in-depth […]

Ubisoft Adds The Botanical Garden DLC To "Anno 1800"

Ubisoft just released a brand new DLC pack for Anno 1800, where you get to build the greatest gardens people have ever seen two centuries ago. The Botanical Garden update allows you to take portions of the city and transform them into your own version of Central Park. A cultural center of lush greenery for […]

"Anno 1800" Gets New "Sunken Treasures" DLC From Ubisoft

Ubisoft has released some new DLC content for Anno 1800 this week as you'll be headed out to sea for new resources in "Sunken Treasures". Along with revealing the Gold Edition of the game which combines the Digital Deluxe Edition of the game and the Season Pass, players also got this new storyline to play […]