Ubisoft Releases Lo-Fi Music Video Inspired By Rainbow Six Siege

Need some music to chill out to between matches of Rainbow Six Siege? Ubisoft has you covered with a brand new lo-fi playlist. Following the current trend of creating specialty playlists of background music for people to work or relax to, the company has created this special video in partnership with key artists from the genre. This is a nearly one-hour video filled with 20-tracks to make a complete album that puts a new spin on the game's official soundtrack. "Postmatch" is now available on all music streaming platforms, as well as the YouTube video you see below. It's pretty cool that they created this, as anyone can attest to, it sometimes takes forever and a day to get a new match going after a great victory or a devastating loss. This is a great alternative to kick back and enjoy the time between games. Here's some added info on the music itself.

Ubisoft Releases Lo-Fi Music Video Inspired By Rainbow Six Siege
Credit: Ubisoft

To craft this album, Ubisoft partnered with Kill Miami, JonyBeats, Rohaan, Kaze Beats, Kyle Evans, Riddle, and WIZE. Players can recognize the melodies or stems from the game soundtrack and discover a fresh new take on the themes they know and love. "This album answers the question of, 'What does lo-fi sound like to someone living in Rainbow Six world?' We took elements from cult themes and SFX and mixed them with a relaxing, hip-hop twist to answer this question," said Kill Miami, Composer and Producer of "Postmatch." All tracks are free to use for streamers and content creators on video and streaming platforms as long as they are not for commercial use.

Rainbow Six Siege: Postmatch Complete Tracklist

  1. Prep Montage
  2. Rainbow Lounge
  3. Evening Bork
  4. Industry of Design
  5. On Leave
  6. Underground
  7. Urban Jungle
  8. Riddle in the Sky
  9. Sunday Waking
  10. Unrattled Pride
  11. Celestial Journey [Focus Track]
  12. Jam and Flow
  13. Debrief Beats
  14. Low Growl
  15. Speakeasy
  16. High Rise, Low Pulse
  17. Invitation to Dream
  18. Unanswered Questions
  19. Ocean View
  20. Breathless Static

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