Ubisoft Shares Timeline and Video for Beyond Good and Evil 2

It's no secret at this point that we're probably going to get some kind of demo and preview of Beyond Good and Evil 2 at E3 from Ubisoft, the real question is how much will they reveal and how far along is the game from release. Today, the company did another livestream of the event which revealed the game's timeline (which we have for you below, put together from a couple Reddit threads and Game Informer) along with a short video showing off some of the game's graphics and design by Senior Producer Guillaume Brunier, Creative Director Michel Ancel, and Associate Creative Director Emile Morel.

2040: On Earth, humankind is experiencing a golden age of science. One of the most notable inventions is a propulsion engine that allows us to cover huge distances in space and colonize distant planets.

2063: A crisis occurs. Earth's advanced technology backfires and attacks humanity.

2086: The first talking hybrid, who is the pig/human Pey'j, is created. He was Jade's companion in the first entry.

2108: Humankind is forced to leave Earth, and expeditions are made to different solar systems. Humans start to colonize System 3.

2225: System 3 is where Beyond Good and Evil 2 takes place. At this point, the Ganesha City that is largely influenced by Indian culture is built. Ubisoft teases that Beyond Good and Evil 2 takes place in one solar system, but it will have a "few surprises."

2314: A mysterious giant ship is attacked and there is a massacre. This is one of many bizarre events that unfold during this time, and is a big part of the main storyline.

2360: We enter a golden age of piracy. Beyond Good and Evil 2 puts you in the shoes of a space pirate who travels around recruiting crewmembers.

????: Though this section isn't dated, the team mentions that later on, Jade is born.

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