"Death Stranding" Gets A Nearly 8-Minute Launch Trailer

Death Stranding launch trailer
Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Can't wait for Death Stranding? It's less than two weeks away at this point.

Hideo Kojima has gifted us with a lengthy, nearly 8-minute long trailer with plenty of new footage. There's a lot of information to take in with this new look at the game, including better insight into Sam Porter Bridges as a character.

The new footage gives us more information about BB as well, including the fact that Sam apparently begins to call his own BB "Lou," after the child he would have had with his wife had he had one. This is definitely a new detail, and one that makes Sam seem like a much less stoic character. We also see Sam with Fragile doing some intriguing things – are they jumping through time?

With only days left to go until Death Stranding hits PlayStation 4, some fans are making tough decisions. Should they buy the game now or wait until next year, when it's coming to PC? Kojima Productions made the official announcement that it's headed to PC in 2020.

Now what do we do? We start theorizing even harder than we were before. And we wait until we can finally get our hands on this magnificent-looking game. Can we just fast-forward to next week, already?

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