Using The Stars For Medicine: We Try Astrologaster at PAX East 2019

One of the most interesting titles we got to check out at PAX East this year was an indie title called Astrologaster from Nyamyam. The game is actually based on historical records from London as Doctor Simon Forman used Astrology of all things to treat his patients. Based on what he saw in the stars using the zodiac determined what you were suffering from and how to treat it. Much in the same form, the game has people come and visit you with their troubles, and then you use the stars to determine what the best advice would be for them. Usually, the crazier the prediction, the better it's received by the patient.


I love the design of this as it looks like a play made in a pop-up book, there's a lot of paper folding sounds and effects that make it look like history is coming to life in a new way. Granted, it's a piece of history that many aren't familiar with and was quickly dismissed when people discovered he was a quack. But it still makes for a great game and there's a lot of fun here. Astrologaster is currently on pre-order for iOS and Steam, set to be released on May 9th. I say give it a shot, but we also only played a demo so we're looking forward to trying the full version.

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