Vail VR Opens Up New Social Spaces Within The Game

AEXLAB has officially unveiled a new addition to their VR title Vail VR as players can now dive into a new set of social spaces. This is basically a way to escape the shooting and the conflict and get into some fun games, activities, or just hanging out fun with fellow players that don't have any high-stakes competition. Unless, you know, you count playing one-on-one hockey as part of that fighting. Here's what they have in store for you in the latest update that brings this new interactive spot to life.

Vail Opens Up New Social Spaces Within The Game
Credit: AEXLAB

The long requested community features will not only provide lobby activities for players as they prepare to dive into Vail VR's competitive mode, but also act as standalone entertainment for those who just want to kick back and relax with friends. Whether it's dancing at a nightclub, meditating in relaxation spaces, or even playing musical instruments, Vail Social offers players the opportunity to meet new people, make friends and grow existing friendships within the Vail VR universe. With the first activities set to roll out next year, and with AEXLAB encouraging their community to steer the scope and content of Vail Social, now has never been a better time to dive into Vail VR's competitive world.

  • Competitive Multiplayer features tactical gunplay, strategic teamwork and competitive maps.
  • Realistic Weapons with high quality interactivity of magazines, reloading and more. Developing technical skill to apply in action.
  • Factions fight to defend what matters most. Attacker or defender, enter the world as either Colonist or REYAB.
  • Artifact Game Mode is Vail's take on Search and Destroy. A competitive game mode informed by the competitive teams and players. Protect artifact sites A and B by eliminating all enemy players, or denying the artifacts from getting scanned. Every second counts.
  • Social Armory, join friends to play chess, hockey and draw. Practice your aim and test new weapons downrange before entering a match. Artificial
  • Crouching + Seated Mode for players to play their best with the most comfort. Joystick up-down to crouch or stand in game.
  • Virtual Gunstock Support, smooth aiming and maximum immersion with realistic handling.
  • Full Body Immersion. Feel comfortable in VR with an approximation of your real body without the need for additional tracking hardware. Vail's full body IK animation grounds you in the world of Vail VR.


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