Activision Buy Candy Crush Developer King For $5.9 Billion


King have been one of the dominating forces in the mobile market for a long time. Candy Crush has been a mainstay on a lot of people's mobile devices for years, especially those who don't generally buy games.

Well, Activision have gone deep into their pockets to purchase the mobile company for $5.9 Billion. In the acquisition, Activision noted that the company has over half a billion in monthly users, bringing in a huge player base of casual players under the Activision banner.

This is obviously an obscene amount of money, and dropping this much on a company is a huge, huge investment. It does open up Activision to a whole new market they weren't reaching before, which is interesting. I don't claim to be a businessman though, and I assume Activision crunched the numbers on this one. Time will only tell how valuable this ends up being.

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