'Destiny: The Taken King Is Much More Than Double The Content Of The Dark Below' Says Bungie

Destiny-The-Taken-King-Preview-700x350The question of a $40 Destiny expansion has tormented the Taken King since it was announced. Especially considering how other expansions were 'only' $20, the price has been a sticking point for a lot of detractors.

New community manager Eric "Urk" Osborne, speaking in a video by IGN (via Gamespot) has justified this price by saying the Taken King has well more than double the content of previous expansions.

I don't have any trouble saying that The Taken King is well more than twice as much content as the Dark Below

The story's great, there's seven Crucible multiplayer maps, there's three brand-new Strikes, and they're the best Strikes we've delivered to date.

We've got the Dreadnaught, which is not just a big new destination to explore, it's really deep and layered, there's tons of little secrets and things you can collect [and] riddles and clues and stories and quests and quest logs and more guns and more gear and exotics.

I don't know if I'd go down the track of comparing The Taken King content to previous expansions, since those have been a little light for the liking of some. Although, from what has been shared and just how universe altering the Taken King seems to be, I have hope that the $40 price tag will be justified.