E3's Flags Fly At Half Mast Today In Orlando Tribute


While E3 kicked off today, the tragedy that saw the loss of 50 lives in Orlando gay bar, Pulse, has not gone unnoticed. It's understandable to see it that way though, as we are celebrating video games, many of which create fun through the act of gun play and murdering digital people. I can tell you from my boots on the ground experience, that conversation is absolutely being had by everyone here and many in the industry have gone about acknowledging the horrific irony between the tragedy and our industries relationship with violence.

To illustrate that, the flags outside of the LA Convention centre have been flying at half mast today in respect to the lives lost, the families affected and the millions, this news has touched in the most chilling way possible. Speaking to Gamespot, this gesture was confirmed by the ESA

It's a slight gesture, but it's an important one to say that many of us in this industry are hurt today. Please spare a thought, money and blood for those effected by this all week while we have fun celebrating things we love.