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Hardspace: Shipbreaker Adds “Salvage Your Future” Update
The team from Blackbird Interactive released the details on Steam, as this is essentially a major update with a bunch of new content added into the game, as well as an improvement to a lot of areas as they'll be tackling a lot of the bugs in the game Keep in mind that while the[...]
Hardspace: Shipbreaker Gets A Halloween Event With Ghost Ships
Focus Home Interactive and Blackbird Interactive have added their own Halloween event to Hardspace: Shipbreaker this week The game may still be in early access, but it's not stopping the team from giving you a bit of a fright as they introduce The Haunted Frontier update into the game You'll be dealing with a whole[...]
Hardspace Shipbreaker Main Art
Blackbird Interactive and Focus Home Interactive have expanded the Early Access for Hardspace: Shipbreaker with a brand new mode The devs have added what they're calling the Weekly R.A.C.E., a new set of challenges taking place on a weekly bases for you to take part in and gain some achievements and respect in the community[...]
Focus Home Interactive & Blackbird Interactive Announce "Hardspace: Shipbreaker"
Focus Home Interactive and Blackbird Interactive have announced a new game prior to PAX East as they reveal Hardspace: Shipbreaker The game is going to be a sandbox creative title with true-to-life physics involved, as you throw on a spacesuit and salvage junk from ships in space Including tearing the entire ship apart for scrap[...]