Very Early Hellblade Footage Turns Up Online

I have my eye on Hellblade as the game is being developed in a AAA space and in conjunction to talk about mental health issues. It's a fascinating prospect, even if the footage thus far hasn't completely convinced me yet.

Well, somebody has leaked this B-Roll from Gamescom showing a version of the game, which it's worth noting, is still in early development. The setting and character design are right up my alley, and while I think it is incredibly on the nose, the manifestation of mental illness shows promise. That sword combat needs a fair bit of work though. The combat looks quite lifeless and undefined.  As I said, this is still early on and Ninja Theory are good at this kind of thing, so have a little faith.

This appears to be leaked footage too, so this could be taken down at anytime.

Here's hoping they nail this. I really am rooting for this title.