LEGO Dimensions Adds 'Hire-A-Hero' To Let You Play With Characters You Don't Have…Sort Of


11164726_1580442862241137_1705510257179333180_oOne of my big complaints with LEGO Dimensions was that the game too often felt like it was trying to remind you how much you didn't own. Right in the main levels, you can find little puzzles that you couldn't access unless you had a certain character. It felt like a cheap tactic to get you to buy more physical toys..

Well, Tt Games have come up with a solution. As outlined by EverybodyPlays, the 'Hire-a-Hero system has been implemented in a new update, meaning when you come to a puzzle and need to use a character you don't have, you can pay 50,000 studs to loan the character and solve the puzzle. The kicker? You'll only get the hero for 30 seconds. When you are spending nearly half your earnings from a level though… it seems steep.

It is good that there is nothing in the main campaign that you can't experience now though at least. Honestly, this to me anyways, feels a bit like even more advertisement for the characters you don't have by giving you a brief taste, but like I said, It's good  more of the game just became playable to all.