Middle-Earth: Shadow of War is Getting a Definitive Edition

Warner Bros. Interactive and Monolith Production have announced that Middle-Earth: Shadow of War is getting a definitive edition in just a few weeks.

Shadow Of War

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War had a rough go of it when it was launched. The game had alienated some fans due to its micro-transaction economy and failed to make quite as big of an impact as the first, due to the game's nemesis system not quite being as new this time around. Still, if you dug into the game, there was plenty to enjoy, especially in just how far and ridiculously Monolith played with Tolkien's lore. Maybe a little much for a purist, but some ridiculous fun if you were on board with it.

Well, if you did miss the game the first time around, it is getting a definitive edition in just a few short weeks. Its' been announced that on August 28, 2018, Shadow of War will see the base title, as well as the two substantial story DLCs and additional tribes brought together. On top of that, the game just recently got rid of micro-transactions, with the player now able to progress normally, without the temptation of bolstering their ranks with orcs they've paid money for.

All that said, the game is in a really solid spot right now, especially after its troubled start to life. Shadow of War's DLC does fill out the story in meaningful ways, and with microtransactions now gone, it really is something I think is worth checking out. If you liked the first game at all, this might be just the right opportunity to give this a look in.

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