Mortal Kombat Could Have Made It's Way Into LEGO: Dimensions In New DLC If Not For Age Restrictions

Mortal Kombat

A very cool little bit of DLC just game out for LEGO: Dimensions has just launched. The Midway Arcade takes a bunch of classic games from that company's back catalogue, and puts them right in the broader package for you to play. It's a really neat expansion for the game

The pack includes over 20 games in it, and during a conversation with Polygon, producer Mark Warburton said that they were able to fit in the most titles they wanted into the game. Well, apart from two. Mortal Kombat and APB. Unsurprisingly, it came down to age. Warburton explains:

There was an age consideration. We had to take into account the typical age of our players and what sort of content we usually have. Some of the more mature games we decided we didn't think was the right fit for the game.

This shouldn't be shocking at all, but I'm sure some kind of compromise could have been struck. LEGO men in a fighting game, with no blood could have been a nice nod. Perhaps, even mention of the franchise was a little too much though.