Need For Speed Took Year Off Because Annual Release Are 'Confusing'

needforspeedNeed for Speed took last year off for the first time in a while. Before that, it was a title you could expect to see each Christmas alongside Fifa, Call of Duty and Assassin's Creed. The franchise is returning this year though rebooted just as Need for Speed. But why take the year off at all?

Developer Ghost Game's executive producer Marcus Nilsson talked to OXM (via Games Radar) recently and explained the decision.:

Taking the year off is obviously an answer to that, right? We used it to figure out who we are and what we should be. Was it confusing to have Need for Speed: The Run [six months after having] Shift 2? Absolutely. It is – not only does it saturate Need for Speed, but it also confuses you, 'What is the experience I get from Need for Speed?' So, this reboot of the franchise is about getting our foundation correctly laid out – what you see here is what the Need for Speed experience will be for the foreseeable future.

The real question is will the game become annualised again from here? I think it could benefit by only coming out every two years, but we will see. Lets get over the reboot first.