Persona 5 Gets A 2017 US Release Date


Persona 4 really grew the franchise out in the West and it's now become a massive deal. It's easily one of the biggest gaming franchises coming out of Japan right now, so understandably, the hype for the game is pretty massive right now.

The game is slated for a Japan 2016 release, but it's now been confirmed that it will not be hitting that in the West for a while longer. Revealed by Atlus today, the title will be hitting US soil on February 14, 2017, which is a significant gap. No date for Europe has been given yet.

The game is actually trending on my Twitter too, which is pretty wild, considering how obscure the franchise once was, not so very long ago. Persona 5 is going to be huge, and it's at least nice to have a date on the calendar.