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"Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers" Gives Yusuke Kitagawa A Trailer
Atlus released a new trailer today for Persona 5 Strikers as they show off all of the fantastic abilities you'll have in the new game This particular trailer, which you can check out below, will show you how to turn the tides of battle in the favor of the Phantom Thieves by using their unique[...]
Atlus Announces Persona 5 Strikers For February 23rd
Atlus decided to release a new trailer this morning for Persona 5 Strikers as you get a better look at the action happening in the game The latest game will send the Phantom Thieves on the road to seek out injustice across all of Japan, but that doesn't mean it's the same game as before[...]
Persona 5 Characters Will Be Jumping Into AFK Arena
Lilith Games announced they'll be doing a special crossover with Atlus as Joker and Queen from Persona 5 will be jumping into AFK Arena Arguablue two of the most recognisable heroes from the J-RPG's team of Phantom Thieves, the pair will be headed to the world of Esperia and will be absolutely free to try[...]
Atlus Announces Persona 5 Strikers For February 23rd
Atlus revealed a new Persona 5 game is on the way in 2021 as they announced Persona 5 Strikers will be released this February In this game, the Phantom Thieves are hitting the road with a tour of Japan over the summer, and as luck would have it they're using their journey to strike back[...]
Persona 5 Comes To Life With New Statues from Kotobukiya
One of these statues is a reproduction but at last Persona 5 Joker is back Kotobukiya is giving Joker a 1/8 scale reproduction statue that fans who missed the original can finally get This statue goes toe to toe with the recently announced Kasumi Yoshizawa statue She is given her Persona 5 Phantom Thief costume[...]
Latest "Persona 5 Royal" Trailer is All About Kasumi
Credit: Atlus It's nearly time for Persona 5 Royal to arrive at the end of the month, and that means there's another trailer. This time around, the focus is squarely on the newest character to join the game, Kasumi The trailer, called "Change the World," offers about a minute of footage and gives viewers a quick overview[...]
Morgana Gives A Phantom Thief Crash Course For "Persona 5 Royal"
Need a handy-dandy guide to what's going on in Persona 5 Royal before you play the game? Atlus and SEGA have made one for you to watch The team put together this wonderfully animated video showing off the game and explaining the story with Morgana and Kasumi If you've been someone who has heard many[...]
Feast Your Eyes Upon One Hour of English "Persona 5 Royal" Gameplay
Credit: Atlus Persona 5 Royal is coming up around the bend, and if you haven't locked in a preorder just yet, you may very well want to, as it's looking absolutely fantastic. After a special preview event in Los Angeles, select outlets returned with plenty of footage of the upcoming game – and a whopping hour-long video[...]
New "Persona 5 Royal" Trailer
The latest trailer for Persona 5 Royal has decided to reacquaint you with some old friends or introduce them to new players as you meet the Phantom Thieves It's not what you would call a proper introduction video to the game, but more of a hype video showing off the entire team It's kind of[...]
“Persona 5” Volume 1: A Faithful Adaptation of the Heady Role-Playing Videogame [Review]
Hisato Murasaki adapted the popular videogame Persona 5 and Viz Media has brought it out in English. PERSONA 5 © 2017 Hisato MURASAKI/SHOGAKUKAN © ATLUS © SEGA All rights reserved.Popular videogames get anime and manga adaptations in Japan as part of the synergy of multimedia exposure Japanese Role-Playing Games are especially big and unique They're an empowerment[...]
Brittany's 2019 Games of the Decade: Persona 5
It's going to be a wild ride. Persona 5 can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Persona 5 Royal – Release Date Reveal Trailer | PS4 ( The Persona series has always been stylish and unique, with the last three entries in the series serving up memorable characters, hours upon hours of excellent gameplay, and stories players[...]
"Persona 5 Royal" Gets A Western Release Date For March 2020
Atlus dropped a new bit of information today for Persona 5 Royal, as the game will see a western release on March 31st, 2020 Along with the reveal of a new character in Kasumi and a new area in Kochojoji, there will be a ton of new challenges for the Phantom Thieves of Hearts to[...]
"Persona 5 Royal" Receives A New Trailer From Atlus
Atlus is set to make a grand announcement this week, but according to a couple of links, it looks like it will be the Persona 5 Royal release date The company announced a short time ago that there would be a big reveal taking place on December 3rd, but beyond speculation, no oen really knew[...]