Rumour: Half-Life 3 Currently Only Has Tiny Team And Is Not Expected To Launch

Here is something to chew over for your Saturday. It's all rumour and unnamed sources so take it with a pinch of salt though, much like I am.

The Know are claiming to have sources close to Valve that suggest that Half-Life 3 may never happen. They say that the game's script is done, but while it once had 100s of people on production, that has now been scaled back to a skeleton crew. What's more, they claim that Valve have no plans to release the game, as they are scared they will never meet expectations. Supposedly this stems from the backlash to Mass Effects 3's ending, where fans trashed developer Bioware for the problems with that game's conclusion.

On top of that, they claim that Valve are making too much money off of Steam and their free to play games, that they don't have any need to make the game right now. You can check out the report here:

The Know have a spotty history, having claimed that Microsoft had bought Silent Hills for 'billions', which obviously turned out to be false. They did catch the scoop about Dark Souls 3 before it was announced though, so they obviously can get these scoops.

Honestly, something about this feels very off. While I do think only a small handful of people are working on Half-Life 3 right now and that Valve are a lot more concerned with Steam at the moment, I can't see them being terrified of gamer culture. Take this as you want it. I'll keep my ear to the ground if I hear more.

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