The Division Beta Has Finally Been Dated For This Month

The division

The Division has slowly creeped up on me, after being in production for years and years. Now were less than two months away from it landing, which leaves one question: What about that promised beta?

Well, finally it's gotten a release date and it will be with us on January 28th,  at least if you have an Xbox One. Otherwise you'll have to make do with a day less on PC and Playstation 4 where it will launch on the 29th, before it comes to a close on the 31st. The beta will only be available to those with a pre-order or those who have been specifically invited by signing up to the official site and lucking out.

I really am intrigued by The Division. I can't wait to finally get hands on with it and begin to understand how the game works. The beta will be a great opportunity for that…if you have a pre-order