Time Magazine's Cover Featuring Oculus Rift Creator Palmer Luckey Is Certainly Something

The internet has been abuzz over the last 24 hours with the most recent cover of Time Magazine which features Oculus Rift creator Palmer Luckey. I'll just thought I'd share it incase you missed it, because you're going to see this in memes all over the place over the next few days.


Eesh. Who ever designed this cover either made some very questionable design choices or was trying to make sure anyone who uses VR in the coming years will look like the biggest nerd in existence. I feel pretty bad for Luckey. I'm sure there must have been better pictures taken from the photoshoot. I put this on Time's doorstep.

Oh, and like I said, the internet has gone meme crazy. If you want to see the best of them, why not head over to Time, where they have correlated the best ones. That second explanation is looking very possible now…