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Mike Flanagan's Oculus Film Has a Cameo in Midnight Mass
The talented and creative mind of Mike Flanagan has taken on a lot of horror-themed concepts, and in his newest hit series, Midnight Mass, we received an easter egg that keeps his projects loosely connected. The 43-year-old filmmaker has previously helmed major genre staples, including The Shining follow-up film Doctor Sleep, The Haunting of Hill House,[...]
VR Music Game Unplugged Headed To Oculus Quest
Vertigo Games announced this week that their musical VR game Unplugged with be headed to the Oculus Quest next month According to everything released about this version, it appears to be the current build with all the updates and fixes that the game has received so far, giving Oculus players everything other players already have[...]
Yuki Bullet Hell/Roguelike Hybrid Game To Launch On Oculus, Steam
Arvore, an independent video game developer based in São Paulo, Brazil, announced today that their roguelike/bullet hell hybrid game YUKI will be available on the Oculus Quest, Quest 2, Rift, and any and all Steam virtual reality platforms as of July 22nd of this year Preorders for the game are open now, and on top of that,[...]
I Expect You To Die 2 Will Release Later This Summer
Schell Games revealed that the game will be out on Oculus, SteamVR, and PSVR as you will return to the life of being a super-secret agent tasked with solving puzzles and staying alive, all while only using your hands This time around, however, you get the pleasure of listening to Wil Wheaton talk you through[...]
Swarm VR Is Coming To Oculus Platforms This Spring
Greensky Games revealed this week they're bringing their next VR game Swarm over to Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest this Spring The game has been mentioned for just over a year now and we honestly thought we would have seen this sooner back in 2020 when it was first announced But we're guessing like a[...]
VR Title Baba Yaga Officially Released On Oculus Quest
Baobab Studios officially released their latest star-studded VR title Baba Yaga this week onto the Oculus Quest The game boasts an all-female cast including Oscar winner Kate Winslet, Daisy Ridley, Oscar and three-time Grammy winner Jennifer Hudson, and three-time Golden Globe winner and seven-time Oscar nominee Glenn Close, all providing voices to several of the[...]
Best VR Wishlist Games for 2020 : Shooters
Not only have nearly 65 new titles been added to the Oculus Quest store, but everything now is fresh on the heels of the release of Oculus's Quest 2 And with the holiday season featuring sales on top of sales, it's time to open up a series checking off which titles are best to keep[...]
Life Continues To Find A Way In VR's Jurassic World: Aftermath
Courtesy of Oculus. As expected in a game that's marketed as a Quest exclusive, Aftermath does a few things very well right at its start The cell-shaded graphics (think Borderlands or Saints and Sinners) are immersive and play stylishly within the Quest's capabilities Aftermath's visuals are also more than enough to make the idea of being[...]
Medal Of Honor: Above And Beyond Gets A New Trailer
Electronic Arts, Respawn Entertainment, and Oculus released details for multiple patches to Medal Of Honor: Above & Beyond You can read the full patch notes below as there are three of them that went into the game at once A good chunk of it being bug fixes to the game and adjustments made to help[...]
Warhammer 40,000: Battle Sister Stumbles Into VR
The title is 30 USD in the Oculus Quest 2 store, and for VR and Warhammer fans alike, buying this game might seem like a no-brainer Unfortunately, as the experience proves, more things need more brains behind them. Warhammer is a franchise with nearly 40 years of popularity behind it, so this is a title I[...]
Marvel Powers United VR Is Leaving The Oculus Platform
Sad VR news today as Oculus and developer Sanzaru Games revealed that they are officially putting an end to Marvel Powers United VR Oculus users were sent the message you see below this evening, alerting fans that the game is officially no longer downloadable or available for purchase and that it will cease to work[...]
Flow Weaver Gets A New Gameplay Trailer, But Still No Release Date
Oculus has released a brand new gameplay trailer for their upcoming VR title Flow Weaver, giving us a better look at the game Developed by Stitch Media and Silverstring Media, this game looks amazing as you will plat the titular character who has lost their memory and found themselves in a world they do not know[...]
Blooper Team Announces Blair Witch: Oculus Quest Edition
Just in time for Halloween, Blooper Team is bringing suspenseful horror to VR with Blair Witch: Oculus Quest Edition This is the game we saw release last year in all of its horrifying glory, now with some additional content brought to you in a VR experience Because the first time around wasn't horrifying enough, now[...]
Auto Draft
It's apparently been a strange week for the Oculus Quest as rumors have been swirling that a new version is on the verge of being revealed The rumor mill starter turning earlier int he week when multiple retailers in the United States and the United Kingdom reported took down their listings for the Quest They[...]