Watch A Pro "Fortnite" Player Pay Off His Mom's Student Loan Debt

Every once in a while you see a story of someone who made it big paying back their family for supporting their dreams. That happened this week in the Fortnite community. Aydan Conrad is a professional player who also has a pretty successful career on Twitch playing whatever he feels like. Depending on which site you reference he's made between $125k-150k in winnings over his career, not including his income from Twitch and any sponsorship deals he may have. Essentially, he has become a successful gamer who has made a career out of it, without question. Most people in that position would sit on the cash and wait to retire at 30 or spend it lavishly on junk they don't need. But now with Conrad.

Watch A Pro "Fortnite" Player Pay Off His Mom's Student Loan Debt
Credit: Twitch

Get out a tissue or two and check out the two Twitch clips below where the Fortnite player calls his mom live on stream and tells her that he has paid off her student loan debts. Regardless of what you may think of pro gamers, the industry, Twitch, or anything else related to gaming for a living, this is a heartwarming moment. A genuine reaction from a mom who's son took the money he's made playing games and helped her out in a way many who have student debts could never dream of. Good on you, Conrad. Good on you!

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