We Don't Know What To Think Of Speaking Simulator at PAX East 2019

The one game demo that we got a really uncomfortable feeling trying out at PAX East was Speaking Simulator from Affable Games. The premise of the game is short and sweet and to the point, as you play as some entity trying to program robots to perfect emulate humans to fit into society. One of the key areas they need to do this in is public speaking, which they don't have down all the way, so you're going to program yourself on how to speak like a regular human. You use a combination of the buttons and thumbsticks on your controller to move the mouth around from the inside to form perfect positions of how a sound is created. But you can't just take liberties with the mouth, for if you mess up, the head will start to malfunction and give away you're not human.

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credit//Affable Games

Everything about this game is so weird and creepy that it basically is walking a tightrope between being really awesome and just plain terrible. Controlling the mouth and the tongue are mechanics that sometimes are very easy to grasp and other times make zero sense as to why you would need to operate them that way. You could spend hours on this and it feels like you couldn't become a master at speaking. But hey, it's just a demo, so we'll see how the final product will be. Speaking Simulator is currently slated online as coming in early 2019, but we're pretty sure that date is about to not happen, so we'll basically go on standby to see how this game comes along.

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