We Gave "The Riftbreaker" A Shot During PAX West 2019

During the last day of PAX West 2019, we stopped by EXOR Studios' booth to check out their new incoming game called The Riftbreaker. This is a real-time strategy game with a couple of nuances to it that make it feel more original than the rest. This may sound a bit familiar to you, but you're a human on a planet working for a company that's mining resources. Part of your job is to put the base together, where you get the RTS elements from. After that, it does get a bit interesting. First, you have base-defense parts as you build security and walls to protect your area from attacks. Next, you're in a mech suit with armor and weapons equipped, so you also get to have a little action/hack-n-slash fun defending the base from would be intruders.

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Credit: EXOR Studios

There's a lot of moving party to this game as you have to build, defend, attack, research for better gear and defenses, mine for more resources, and repeat the cycle. Basically, you're never not busy in this game, which is a great thing. But, you can also get overwhelmed real quick if you're not paying attention, which is a bad thing. We'll see how things pan out for The Riftbreaker as it's still in development. The game is set to be released "sometime in 2020" on Steam.

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