We Got To Check Out Evil Genius 2: World Domination

In the midst of a pandemic, Rebellion Developments rallied together a bunch of people to check out a preview of Evil Genius 2: World Domination. Through a few different online means, the developers gathered us and a bunch of other people who are also stuck at home going crazy, to check out the game and what's new to this title compared to the previous one. First off, yes, this is a direct sequel, not just an updated version of the previous title. Which shows in many ways beyond the upgraded content and polished look. Because this time around it's not just about being large and in charge, it's about controlling the world as we know it, even if you have to blow part of it up.

Tears For Fears was right, everybody does want to rule the world. Courtesy of Rebellion Developments.
Tears For Fears was right, everybody does want to rule the world. Courtesy of Rebellion Developments.

So first and foremost, you'll be running an island much like any super villain where the main part of the facility is kind of a front while the rest of the place is doing something else. In this particular preview, we saw an island resort and casino that looks like it was amazing to go spend millions at, but behind the scenes, we had hundreds of minion working on various tasks. You can make these people do pretty much anything as you are offering them a comprehensive work environment in a tropical location with a lot of applied sciences and technology at your disposal. If science isn't their thing, you can train a good squad to keep security all around the island, and even upgrade them over time to be elite bodyguards who can suss out spies and potential threats to your complex.

The primary goal of the facility is world domination, which comes from many different forms including money laundering, applied sciences, weapons, and other nefarious ways. Evil Genius 2 seems to improve on all of the things you used to be able to do with efficiency and speed. A lot of the game acts like a simulator where you are basically building your base as you go. That includes the Doomsday Device that you're building and frequently upgrading. Because there is a difference between threatening to blow up Europe and threatening to blow up… Belgium? Over time you'll grow your base, your staff, and even gain the help of certain people in your quest. We won't give away any fine details, but there are some returning characters and some people who may look familiar from the previous entry.

Now just because you're building this device on an island doesn't mean there aren't people trying to stop you. You will constantly have to fend off threats of interested parties looking to investigate you and look for anything dangerous. Spies will constantly try to infiltrate your ranks, defectors will need to be sussed out, and if the worst ever comes, you'll need to defend your base against any and all threats. That includes building a ton of defenses, arming yourself, training all of your goons to be ready, and ultimately preparing to fend off an army coming to stop you. And that;'s just a sample of the management skills you'll need to runt he place efficiently and not let anyone on your staff get tired or bored or rebellious.

Some of the major improvements to the game include having multiple story-based campaigns, having four Evil Geniuses to choose from who each comes with their own unique abilities, narrative campaigns, and approaches to world domination. There are three unique islands to choose from for your evil lair location, each coming with their own pluses and minuses. Tons of new henchmen, agents, rooms, devices, traps, and loot. And so much more. Evil Genius 2: World Domination is aiming to be released sometime in 2021.

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