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We Review The New Friendship Edition Of TableTopics

We may be in the middle of a pandemic, but people are slowly getting back to normality, and TableTopics is looking to help out with that a bit. The company has released several versions of the game over the years, some of them including such themes as Girls Night Out, Therapy, Best Things Ever, Conversations, Happiness, and more. All of them are designed to give you and those around you a fun game of conversation where there really isn't a "winner" per se, but more of an overall understanding of each other. No to mention a few laughs here and there. This one delves into a different aspect of life as they have released the Friendship Edition of the game. So how does this one shake out compared to other versions? We were sent a copy of the game to try it out.

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So to be clear about this one right off the bat: this is not a game of lies or deception or trying to one-up each other with your answers. The goal of the game is to be earnest in your response to people in the room and have fun doing so. Some of the questions include:

  • If you were forced to choose a friend to represent you in court, who would it be and why?
  • Which friendship now in Disrepair would you like to fix?
  • What's the best thing your friends have taught you about yourself?
  • What's the best tip to staying connected with friends?
  • Have you ever had a friend that your family really disliked?
  • What is the last favor a friend called in?

As you can see, all of these are set up to give you a moment to think about things and give an answer to the group. You can play this in many different ways, either going around the room and asking everyone, or taking turns having different chosen people answer the question and have them pick the next question and person to ask. Or simply randomizing things by grabbing dice and having the highest roll ask the lowest roll.

This version is interesting in that there are topics in here that could actually trigger some emotional responses, depending on how deep people want to go. Honestly, there are some cards where if you all wanna get a good cry going, there are some softball questions in here that could lead to deeper meaning. While this technically isn't a game of competition, the entire concept of the series, and the Friendship Edition in particular, has some great value in being a bit of a bonding experience. But it can also totally be played off for laughs depending on the group you get together. If you're looking for something to do when you're able to get a group of people back together, this is a mighty fine suggestion.

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