We Survived Escape Academy During Summer Game Fest Play Days

While we were at Summer Game Fest Play Days, we had the chance to try out Escape Academy with another human being as a team. Previously we had seen demos of the game in which they showed off how the game is supposed to work, as you play a student in this grand academy in which you learn the finer tools of the trade to solving puzzles and becoming an escape artist. (Well, escape room artist.) One of the cool aspects to the game is that you can work with another person in co-op to solve puzzles faster, utilizing two minds to figure out the various traps and puzzles that lay in your way.

We Survived Escape Academy During Summer Game Fest Play Days
Credit: iam8bit

Myself and another journalist were tasked with figuring our way out of a series of rooms that went up as they slowly started filling with water. We started down in a basement and made our way up into caged rooms filled with objects that looked like junk but proved to be more valuable as we went on. Some of the puzzles were pretty easy as they involved word association, using lighting to find clues, and number combinations that we were quick to figure out. Others not so much as they tested how we worked together to make things happen, such as relaying information to each other that was on opposite sides of the room and piecing together how they fit into what we were working with. One of the most challenging was an electric puzzle in which we had to decide where the power flowed through a few different circuits, which gave clues to special lightboxes with letters on them.

At the end of the demo, we got a grade of A- for our efforts. Which we were complimented on as we were told by the devs that most people got a C grade (and that some not-so-honest people were going around saying they got higher). But we had witnesses, so I'm glad to gloat. However, during the demo, my partner accidentally hit a button that gave a clue to the area we were in 3 times, and each time you use it, the grade goes down. So I'm curious what our score would have been had he not hit the button. But we can't go back and play it since we know all the answers and would pass with flying colors, so I'll just have to wonder. Escape Academy will be released on July 14th for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles.

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